What Should a Indian Pharma Graduate should do…

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HI All,

We all are here to understand the opportunities for the pharma field. Well we all know that there is NO scope for growth in the pharmacy industry. All the new graduates or the hopefuls should take a note that there is no future for the Pharmaceutical Graduate in the Pharma field or the medical industry.

We are being made fool by the government for pursuing such “professional courses”, What are the job opportunities available for the same outside in the industry? Is there any post available for the educational qualification of Bpharma/ Mpharma, Even shittier part is that for the post of the drug inspectors, Microbiology guy can apply, Bsc Guy can apply, and then what is the use of the BPharm Qualifications? What is the average period of the job and experience that has to be acquired for any decent hand to mouth salary or an income? This is a bottom less pit, without a decent salary and growth.

I want to clarify some of the misconceptions about the pharma education.

1) There is Scope for the Pharma Graduates:- This is utter shit lie but holds true for the MR cadre of the Medical Field and Fraternity. The Marketing is a neutral field and you do not require to have any educational qualifications for the same, Bcom Guys are also in MR sectors, so you should understand the value of the education provided to you by the “Professional Courses”. Also let us laugh if they say that there is scope in the manufacturing field. They treat us like a labor and nothing else. What salary does a mfgering Personnel earns, if any one has problems with this statement, post an opening without a 10 experience required along with the salary published.

2) Clinical Trials are booming:- This is second biggest myth, whoever who says that there is growth in this field and there is a good salary in this field should actually provide an opening with the salary mentioned with the contact no. mentioned. This field is shrinking as Indian populations are not favored over the lower cost Caucasian populations, (Yes, the Ukraine has Caucasian population). Also there is no new requirements for the Pharma Graduates as the all knowing “MBBS” Category guys try to get the “Life Science Graduates” i.e. Biotech / Microbiology/ Bioinformatics for a very cheap salary and they are really dumb found over own their knowledge. Actually the only real job of the Dr. is to inject the drug and act as standby for any medical emergency. This thing even the MBBS guys knows but greed and stupid government has been the Root cause for the same.

3) Pharma Personnel can work as quality assurance personnel in Companies:- This is a untrue statement where only a few can get to work In the actual quality and rest have to work as labor with the quality department. They give a shit for whatever you suggest in the improvement in the system or Quality. Nonetheless, if they think that the given person (pharma personnel) is thinking too much about their product, they will simply hire a Bsc / Msc Personnel in his position. The worst part is that as per the “Indian Drugs & Cosmetic Act”. BPharm requires 18 months of experience before being registered as qualified personnel, where as the MSc Microbiology personnel requires only 12 months understanding a field which was never his own. Now we should try to commit suicide for the same.

4) I should do Mpharm for better scope:- Sorry to say, there are no opportunities for them too, they say that you get a nice job as you can apply for the teacher posts, believe me there are more teachers and lecturers in this industry. And shit, this is last ditch attempt for convincing the people about the scope but it is false. The Mpharma people try their level hard for the opportunities and MAJORITY fails, I have seen myself many people jobless. As per the Indian D&C Act you are equivalent to MSc Micro, so cry louder for the funds you have lost.

5) There are good positions in the companies like TCS, Cognizant etc, dear friends, google for the I3, these people are surviving because they have merged with the iNVENTIV, there project supply chain is completely disrupted. Google for Care International, you will find the problems of such companies, once your process/ project is completed you are kicked out and your skills are no longer applicable for the market conditions, and you have a lost life as you have a very limited skills set as you have played only with small part of the entire big picture processes.

6) You can open a retail/ Whole sale Shop for money making opportunities:- May I ask what is the investment cost for the education we have at least 4 lakhs plus the time loss then we have to invest more money like 50 Lacs for opening a shop which has a failure rate of 60-70% of even chances of recovery of money? Currently there are hordes of the people for whom the pharma product distribution is their family business and they are the third generation of the trader line. So any new comer has to performance suicide in this field as there is a monopoly in the market by the existing dealers. Beside, in wholesale many times if the requirement is large, then the customer directly contacts the company and company sells those products for cash money, that is unfair. Also the distributers are not allowed for some of the big scale sales.(It is mentioned in contract).

These are the above things which you should consider before joining the professional course of “Bachelors of Pharmacy”.

Following are the tips as who should go for Bpharma:-

1) Person Whose DAD is BILLIONAIRE BUSINESSMAN / Politician
2) Person Whose DAD and Grand DAD is Pharma BUSINESSMAN
3) Person who want to commit Suicide, out of frustration
4) Person who is damn foolish to understand above problems.

What We should do now:-

1) Go for some other allied industries
2) Upgrade the skills set into other than pharma fields
3) Look into the computers field
4) Life Science + Law = good corporate jobs
5) Discourage new people into getting into Pharma Field
6) File a petition in front of the government for the increasing the opportunities in the government and private sectors for bachelor degree guys also. (Government bodies requires Dpharm as a pharmacist but BPharm is over qualified, I Know, it is ridiculous!!)
7) If you are in better position in your current job, then desist from hiring other then BPharm Grads for the qualifying positions.

This article is written with sheer frustration of the true state of the pharma graduate in India markets. If you disagree, please leave a opening with good pay and respect of course with the contact details of the HR.

But if you agree even a slight bit, leave a comment supporting the same.

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