Learn How to Deal with an Useless Boss

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Bangalore: When you hear the word ‘useless boss’, it actually doesn’t go together to make a perfect sense because no one will be eligible to acquire such a high position without being responsible. The management would choose an employee to the senior post by looking into the responsibilities he or she might have fulfilled successfully. But it is true in other cases where a person just acquire the top position just by influence of others. These types of useless bosses, who have occupied the seat by influence, usually have lack of knowledge, skills, judgment or strength. So, if you are having such kind of a boss, here are few steps which teach you on how to deal with them as reported by Dorothy Tannahill-Moran, on MBA Highway Website.

1. They usually take bad decisions: It is the most common fact that an incompetent boss can never take useful judgments or decisions as they usually take up decisions without even thinking about the future result that particular decision may cause. If the result may come against you, you are put into trouble as sometimes it can be you who can get fired because of the wrong decision taken by your boss. So, be careful while discussing anything with your boss and make sure you suggest your own ideas in front of him before he takes any decisions, so that you can be in the safer side.

2. Lead you to can wrong directions:You always think that whatever guidance your boss will provide it is very much true and you start working on that direction. But many a times if your boss is incompetent he may lead you to wrong and pointless directions. So, always think twice before following his directions and if you find it problematic discuss it with him again and try to explain to him how that way can’t work for you to achieve success.

3. He can be a bad supporter: Usually every boss will be the single biggest supporter in the company. But if at all they are clueless about your nature of work, they may be supporting either the wrong thing or a wrong person. If that case appears it will be difficult to you to make him understand if you are actually performing well. So, to avoid them being the roadblock to your career path you must first build a good relationship with your boss even though you have some problematic issues with him.

4. Consider yourself as a leader: If you think that your incompetent boss is becoming a roadblock to your career path try considering yourself as a leader if you are well versed in your particular area of function.

5. Outline the problem part: Do you know that although the boss’ ineffectiveness is frustrating it can affect you as well as others in definite ways? Yeah, in such a case it is advisable for you to monitor what those are and make a plan to neutralize the problem. Dorothy Tannahill-Moran, based on her own experience explains that she once had an incompetent boss and the biggest problem was that he would sometimes make decisions for the group she managed that were considered bad and adversely affected the company.  Therefore, she had to ask him if she could either be involved in those decision discussions.  It actually worked.  There were times when that direction simply wasn’t possible but people soon learned that they needed to approach her for good decisions. As a result she was successful in working out, around the problem.

6. Educate them:  If your boss is incompetent, keep in mind to train and teach him or her about your field of work, every time you speak with him. Although it might seem a bit ridiculous to teach your supervisor, the constant contribution of knowledge will prove to be quite fruitful, when your boss will have enough confidence to make out what you are discussing about.

7. Look for an adviser: Remember, that your boss is not the only person in the business organization who can be your advisor or for whom you can depend for your growth, there are also other people in the organization who are at the higher level, you can request them to be your mentor. You are sure to flatter them and benefit yourself by asking for their help and support.

8. Depart: At times such kind of a situation, where the boss is incompetent, can prove to have a negative effect to you as well as your career. Therefore, it is advisable for you to leave such kind of a job rather than trying to stick to it. If you already tried several things to fix the problems but there is no improvement, it may be time for you to track something else.

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