Do More Work in Less Time

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Bangalore: Have you ever thought of an association between your biological clock andwork-schedule? Deborah L. Jacobs, the staff writer of Forbes has mentioned the importance of planning your work according to the circadian rhythms (the body clock).  Knowing the body clock which cycles every 24 hours to set your biological activities will help you to split your work accordingly and thus, you can improve your creativity on complicated tasks.

Quoting the Ergonomics Professor at Cornell, Alan Hedge, Jacobs reports that one’s energy level will differ from others as it connects to the body temperature and the serotonin production in the body. Serotonin hormone can greatly influence one’s mood. The ability to reason and think will vary time to time in a day long activity and also it can reflect on your memory level as well.

She says most of the people need to sleep for 7 to 8 hours in a day. From person to person the peak working hours will be varied. Some may be early birds, some may be night-owls and some may be between these two just like humming birds.  Jacobs have suggested awork schedule for humming bird type of people and you can adapt it according to your body clock. It will help you to do more work in less time.
Morning (10 am to 1 pm):

After waking up, everyone seems to be more attentive and active. As the brain is refreshed after sleep, your creativity and critical thinking will be in highest level. It is the best time for you to operate tricky machineries; also the team spirit will be elevated. She suggests you to do all the problematic, difficult and risky tasks on this time. If you want to get anything done by your boss like a salary hike, this will be the best time to approach him.


Mid-afternoon (1 pm to 3 pm):

Probably, your energy level has gone down as you worked hard and broke your head on those problematic issues for first three hours.Now, you need to divert your mind from difficult tasks. On these two hours, you can do job-related activities like business calls or e-mails or other work scheduling where you need not put much energy to concentrate.  

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