Best and Worst Paying Management Jobs Ever

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Bangalore: You must be thinking that all managerial positions are glamorous as the managers get good salary, a separate cabin in the office; they are the ones who are also given more respect by the other staffs. However, you must know the fact that all managerial positions are not so alluring or high paying. In reality, some managers earn less than $15,000 a year, reveals Bureau of Labor Statistics’Occupational Employment and Wage Estimates, reports, Jacquelyn Smith of Forbes.

Demonstrating the 2010 salary and employment data, the BLS survey calculates annual compensation by multiplying an hourly mean wage by a “year-round, full-time” 2,080 hours. The results highlight the fact that chief executives of the company are not-too-astonishingly the highest earning managers, as they earn an average annual pay of $173,350. But, some executives of big companies also take home a good pay. According to the report, during 2010 the highest paid CEO in the U.S., UnitedHealth Group’s Stephen Hemsley, procured $102 million. The second-highest paid CEO, Qwest Communications’ Edward Mueller, earned $66 million in pay, stock and bonus. 

Listed below are the best and the worst paying management jobs:

1. Chief Executives: The chief executive officer is the one who resolve and formulates policies and business strategies and provides overall direction to the organization. He is the one who is responsible for the success and the failure of a business. The average annual pay of chief executives is $173,350. Employees in this field are 273, 500.

2. Natural Sciences Managers: After the chief executive’s the second position is grabbed by th e natural sciences managers whose annual pay package is $ 1 29,320. Many of us are not much familiar with this position, they are the ones who plan, direct, and coordinate activities and research in such fields as life sciences, physical sciences, mathematics and statistics. New Jersey in the United States is the highest paying state for the natural science managers. It is also reported that some natural science managers earn $172,500 a year. Employees, who work in this field, are 45,920.

3. Architectural and Engineering Managers: The third position is taken by the architectural and engi neering managers who earn $ 125,900 a year. These managers are responsible for performing administrative functions, planning and directing projects, hiring and directing employees and coordinating research and development in their relevant fields. There are 174,720 employees working in this field. Alaska, California and Texas are the best states for this profession.

4. Computer and Information Systems Managers:  The Computer and Information Systems Managers al so earn a good average annual pay check of $123,280 . These managers play an important role in the implementation of technology within the organizations. They almost handle everything from helping to construct a business plan to managing network security to directing Internet operations. The number of employees working as Computer and Information Systems Managers are 288,660.

5. Marketing Managers: Marketing managers are the ones who manage all marketing, advertising and pro motional team and activities in the organization. They are the ones who establish marketing strategies to meet organizational objectives. They calculate customer research, market conditions, and competitor data and implement marketing plan changes as required. The average annual Pay check procured by these managers is $122,720. 164,590 employees are working in this field.

Legislator: The top position of the worst paying management jobs is taken by the legislators who earn an average annual pay of $38,470. Legislators are the people who work as elected lawmakers, they are considered as the lowest paid managers in the United States.  New York is the best state for legislators to work and earn $ 78,500. According to the report 65,710 staffs are working in this field.

2. Education Administrators:  Education administrators of preschool and childcare centers emerg e in the second position as lowest-paid managers. These managers earn $50,410 a year, on average. It is reported the lowest pay is $27,210 which is earned by 10 percent of these education administrators.  Education administrators are the ones who examine students' progress, and provide students and teachers with assistance in resolving any problems. Education administrators can make more money in New York, as it pays the most ($67,400) to people working in this field  compared to the other states in the United States. There are 50,700 employees working in this field in America

3. Food Service manager: The food service manager manages daily operations at restaurants and other places that serve and prepare food and beverages. Apart from that these managers are responsible for each department in the establishment from kitchen to banquet operations. These managers make sure that each customer is satisfied with the dining experience. The food service managers earn a meager average annual pay of $52,220. Almost 186,830 staffs hold this position; they can earn best in Nevada United states as people working in this field in Nevada earn $71,790. 

4. Lodging Managers: The fourth slot is taken by the lodging managers in the category of worst paying management jobs, as they bag an average annual pay check of $54,570. These managers are the ones who are responsible for the overall operations of hotels, motels, inns, and resorts. Lodging Managers make sure that the guests receive first-rate service so that they come back to their organizations. Employees working in this field of work are 29,920.

5. Emergency Management Directors:These managers plan and direct disaster response or crisis manage ment activities, give disaster awareness training, and arrange emergency plans and procedures for natural disasters like floods, hurricanes and earth quakes. They also render support during nuclear power plant emergencies or hazardous materials spills. These managers take the fifth position in this category by earning an insufficient of $60,330 as average annual pay. Number of People working in this field are 11,800.

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