Email server Mercury V/s Hmail server

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Recently I have installed some php projects on the company lan for use. But there is always a necessity of the email which is internally based.

For the internal task, I have installed the php projects and the internal mail server on my desktop machine. specs 3 ghz intel 32 bit and 2 gb ram. I have installed the same for around 30-40accounts only. NO ENTERPRISE LEVEL Scaling of the accounts are required for the same.

There are usually 02 scenarios.
1) cheap email facilities are required for the employees below ranks and emails are majorly internal communications.

2) Emails are required majorly to send to outside but an internal communications are require with the cheaper (free internal) mail boxes.

For scenario 01:-
Please prefer the Mercury mail server for the use. As with the mercury mail server, we can access the mail by installing squirrel mail or the roundcube. (I have installed Horde). And start the smtp relaying server in the mercury mail for sending the mail outside. Note only the mails can be send outside and such mail received and replied will come to the mailbox of the smtp relayer and not to the internal person who has send the same.

As per the earlier article on the web, it will work fine but there is a problem with the sending the mail from our favourite mail box gmail. for sending the mails through the gmail, you should generate a SSL certificate and apply. It has the inbuilt capacity to do so.

Only after installation of the SSL certificate we are able to connect to the with the starttls options or secure options.

After the due configuration and testing of the connections with the server gmail; we can install the squirrel horde on the xampp stack and bingo the mail service is started by only pointing to the IP address and the webmail address.

Also we can configure the outlook or any mail client to our internal email server by just mentioning the ports in the port option and the ip address of the machine on which the mail server is installed.

For Scenario 02:-
The hmail server along with Xampp should be installed. Hmail server provide the best function ever expected from a free mail server.

For some unknown reasons, Horde does not seems to get attached to the hmail server. (the version(3) before the current version)

Hmail server has the option of the forwarding the external accounts mails to the internal mails and is helpful for organization whose employee receive mail from external sources on a larger scale.

Multiple domains can be hosted on both the servers mercury as well as the hmail server.

for internal mails even heavy usage can be sustained easily by the Mercury and we can adjust the size of the attachments and monitor the mails if required very very easily.

Hmail is comparatively more intensive on the CPU for the internal mail purposes but can handle the mails intended for outside very easily. There are much more functions for the mail server administrator like domain management and all other shit.

Both of the mail servers serve my purpose but currently use mercury for the internal purposes as we have 30 workers. (we are not a IT company but a mfgering company).

I will provide more details in the next post.If you have any more information please feel free to post the same.


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