WordPress Tutorial – SEO Optimized CMS Installation

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WordPress has proven to be an excellent content management system (CMS). The developer community is extremely active as evidenced in the frequent solid versions published increasing usability, security and features. Its ease of implementing free, paid for and custom themes places it as a star in the open source CMS arena.
We at 21st are mostly concerned with the search engine optimization (SEO) of WordPress so that will be our focus in this post. All of the links point to the pages in our WordPress SEO tutorial describing details of how to accomplish each task.

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WordPress Installation

WordPress installation is easy. Once you download it and create a database it is a simple process of updating a configuration file, uploading all files and you’re there.

WordPress SEO, Usability Configurations

Once installed you have to change some settings and install the right WordPress plugins to use it as your content management system. This effort will allow you to add SEO features to your web pages, notify the Internet community of your content and ensure your pages load as fast as possible. This is good for SEO as well as usability. A high degree of usability ensures the highest level of conversions, and conversions is usually the only reason to have a website.

WordPress Backups

Before you start adding content it is important that you set up backups for your WordPress website. This ensures that you have recourse in case of database or web server problems.

WordPress Content Management

Once you have completed configuring your SEO optimized WordPress installation you are ready for prime time. Adding and editing WordPress content is a breeze, and WordPress allows you to do this without any technical knowledge – indeed, the reason for a content management system.

Integrating a Custom Website Design into WordPress

The WordPress community has created many free and low-cost themes that you can use and/or modify for your website. Most of our customers want high-ended custom website designs so we have provided a step by step tutorial on how to integrate a custom website design into WordPress. This is a technical subject and requires that you know php programming.

WordPress Troubleshooting

There are several problems that can show up in this process, so we have added atroubleshooting section to assist you in correcting any web development problems that may arise.
The WordPress Forums are also a great resource for troubleshooting WordPress:

Free Downloadable WordPress Help File

Lastly, we have provided a free downloadable Windows help file that you can use as a reference in your own installations. Here is more info on WordPress design platform hosting.
Please send me a note if you have any additions or corrections to any of this tutorial.

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