Must Have Firefox Addons or Plugins for Bloggers

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Today you can find a lot of people blogging in many different niches either for money or fame or both. To make blogging more simple to use, Firefox has got many wonderful add-ons which provide quick access to handy blogging tools. My suggestion is, don’t go for all the Firefox extensions at once. Just chose your preferred (required) addons for blogging.
Blog Publishing
  • Blogger Bar: A Toolbar that allows you to search blogger, blogger profiles and also includes a function “Blog This” that lets you to blog a link, and information about the page you’re currently on.
  • Clipmarks: Definitely the best addon that lets you clip and share specific content on any page by simply selecting the text you need. It copies the content to share. It also provides a bookmarking service.
  • LiveJournal: Notifies you of your friends updates, messages and many more
  • MySpace Blog Editor: This firefox add-on allows you to post directly to your Myspace blog from within Firefox. An easy thing for Myspace bloggers.
  • ScribeFire: A multi-featured blog editor that is integrated with your browser and lets you add posts to your blog easily.
  • TwitterBar: This firefox extension lets you post tweets directly to your twitter profile. A very simple yet powerful addon for social media users.
  • WordPress.Com Sidebar: Allows you to access your wordpress account from your browser sidebar. My favorite add-on which is very efficient to use.
  • Zemanta: It helps in recommending content while writing. Also helps you enhance you blogs and emails with relevant images, videos, links or tags. Best Works withWordPressBlogger, TypePad and others.
Photos and Media Uploads
  • Fireflix: A sidebar extension that lets you upload, manage and search images on..
  • Firefox Universal Uploader/FireUploader: A very high end firefox addon that allows you to upload/download files from/to your favorite websites using a simple interface. It supports many popular sites like Rapidshare, Photobucket,, Flickr, Picassa, Youtube, Facebook, Google Docs, Slideshare and many more…
  • FireFTP: A Secure FTP Client that allows you to transfer files quickly and easily as well as compares directories and syncing directories while navigating and …
  • ImageBot: Lets you upload images to ImageShack and Photobucket
Blogging Tools
  • Adsense Notifier: A Firefox Add-on that displays your current Adsense earnings from Google in the Status bar.
  • Copy as HTML Link: My favorite extension, also for many bloggers. It helps us to copy the link address of a page along with the HTML code

    Ex: If you copy a link “Blogging Tips“, it copies the link including the HTML source code which helps you to add the script directly in your posts
    The result of the above copy looks like “Blogging Tips

  • Create short URLs: It generates a shortened URL if you Right click on any link you require. Easy to share long URLs.
  • Dict: Want to know definition of a particular word, then Highlight that word, right click it, select define and get a definition of that word in a pop-up window.
  • easyComment: Automatically fill out Blog Comment Forms. Easy for Link BuildingProfessionals
  • Feedly: Your Personal Magazine. Feedly organizes your favorite sources into a fun, magazine-like interface. Powered by Google Reader and Twitter.
  • TimeTracker: Running a successful blog definitely requires efficient use of time. The TimeTracker add-on will make it easy to see how much time your spending in your browser.
Firefox Addons Blog Design, Customization and Development
  • ClorZilla: An advanced Eyedropper, Color Picker tool which tells you the colors of the webpage you selected.
  • Firebug: This extension is integrated with your Firefox browser. It allows you to edit, debug and monitor CSS, HTML and Javascript live in any webpage. A handy tool that every designer should have. One of my favorite and regularly used Firefox Plugin.
  • FireShot: Creates screenshots of web pages and also provides a set of editing and annotation tools, which let users quickly modify web captures and insert text annotations and graphical annotations
  • Greasemonkey: A famous firefox plugin that allows you to customize the way a web page displays using Javascript.
  • HTML Validator: A simple add-on that checks the errors of a HTML page.
  • IETab: Using this you can view a website in an Internet Explorer without leaving Firefox i.e., it embeds IE in Firefox.
  • Javascript Debugger: InBrowser JS Debugger
  • MeasureIt: Best Extension for Designers. It tells you the pixel dimension of any element on a page by simply drawing a ruler.
  • Web Developer: A mix of different developer tools which comes handy for Web developers.
SEO Tools Firefox Plugins
  • iWebTool Webmaster’s Toolbar: It gives quick access to all the SEO Tools provided by iWEBTOOL
  • KGen: Best for Keyword Analysis. It allows you to see what keywords are strong. Also tells you how many time a keyword is used on your page and its average position.
  • Link Checker: It checks the validity of all links on a webpage
  • Load Time Analyzer: Measures the page load time and shows the occurrence of events such as req for the page, images, CSS and scripts etc.
  • LastPass Password Manager: Allows you to save passwords of different websites. Easy access your favorite websites with just a single click.
  • Meta Tags: Checks the meta information of a website and also has an automated search engine submission tool.
  • RankQuest SEO Toolbar: A mix of different SEO Tools. This toolbar gives quick access to more than 30 Search Engine Optimization Tools.
  • SearchStatus: My favorite tools to check the Alexa and Pagerank, Compete ranking and SEOmoz Linkscape mozRank, along with fast keyword density analyzer, keyword/nofollow highlighting, backward/related links, Alexa info and more of any website.
  • SEOHand: SEO services Addons for Firefox which track sites placement at Google and Yahoo for any keyword. Watch Google PageRank (PR), Backlinks, Saturation over time. Graph and table presentation of the data.
  • SeoQuake SEO extension: Allows SEO Optimizers to investigate important SEO parameters of the internet.
  • SEO for Firefox: The firefox addon i use most of time. It provides SEO information of any website inline with Google and Yahoo! Search Results.
  • ShowIP: Shows IP address of current website right at your browser window.
Use the required Plugins of your area listed above for efficient and high speed blogging. Also do share the plugins you use that has good effect on your blogging.

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