Is Hindu life cheap?

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Is Hindu life cheap? “The truth is:

Hindu life is Not cheap, but we Hindus are making it cheap. Tens of thousands of our Hindu Brothers are being murdered, tortured, and brutalized, at a number of places, but the rest of us Hindus are sleeping.

Quote: Hindus of the world should weep for our innocent brothers and sisters killed all the time

COMMENT: If weeping could solve the problem of the Hindu, I would gleefully engage my lachrymal-glands. But Weeping would neither defeat nor deter the enemies of the Hindu. This does Not mean at all that, I am Insensitive to the plight of our Hindus, I am not. But I am Not prepared to climb the heights of hysteria, because that would be totally counter-productive. The problem is Much Much bigger, and needs to be confronted head-on.

Quote: or are we going to say— it is not my mother, it is not my father, it is not my sister, son, daughter, wife, husband. it could be you tomorrow.

COMMENT: This is exactly the kind of thinking that, shakes the morality of the entire community (the entire Hindu community). Hinduism-Defence is a job to be discharged Collectively. In other words,

“Either we Hindus hang-together, or we shall surely be hanged-separately.”

What exactly is Hindu’s problem?

Hindus have a legacy of centuries of rule of Buddhist kings in India. Their Foul & Injudicious system of morality, has starved the Hindus to surrender, at the hands of the most Adharmic & Aggressive Exogenous Invaders.

Most Hindus do Not realize that Buddhism is something Evil, because it Multiplies Violence in the world. The objective of Hinduism, particularly of Vedic Dharma is & Always has been to reduce violence in the world.

Hindus also are totally illiterate about the Buddhist-Nonsense of Ahimsa Parmo Dharma.

Allow me to elaborate. There is Always evil in the world. Evil has to be confronted resolutely & defeated & destroyed. The teachings of Ramayana & Mahabharata make it Abundantly-Clear. Both Ramayana & Mahabharata are full of accounts of confronting evil with so-called Himsa (force)…Use of Himsa (force) to confront crime & Un-Righteousness (Adharma) is Not Himsa but True-Ahimsa. That is exactly the reason why both Ramayana & Mahabharata are called Dharma-Granths, and are the Basis of our Vedic System. Buddhism has no understanding of the reality of life in this world, its understanding of the meaning of Himsa & Ahimsa, is full of crap. Buddhism is TotallyAnti-Vedic system. Buddhist teachings have multiplied violence in the world, on a humongous scale. Buddhism is something Evil. (Even non –violence policy of Gandhi is proving fatal for Hindus)

Murder, torture, and humiliation of the Hindu shall continue, as long as Hindus follow the wrong teachings of Buddhism. When Hindus practise Ahimsa, they do not realize that what they are practising is Not Hinduism, but Buddhism, and no good can come out it. Hindus Must stop practising the wrong teachings of Buddhism and teachings of Gandhi.

In the economic society of today, Hindu has become selfish. His highest priority is on his Personal-Welfare; his lowest priority is on the rest of the Hindu community. This attitude is Not genetic, it is environmental, and Hindus have full control of their destiny. We Hindus have to learn to care about other Hindus (that is, Hindus who are outside the circle of our near-kindreds).

By Un-Learning the Wrong lessons of Buddhism, the Hindu has ample chance of licking the problem of Hinduism-Defense. Hindus Intellectual, Technical, and Monetary resources are vastly superior to corresponding resources of his ideological-adversaries, of Islam & Christianity.

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