Any easy way to remove author and date stamp from nodes?

Posted on August 14, 2011. Filed under: CMS, commands, communications, internet speed, joomla, Open source, webhosting, windows |

I was wondering if there was an easy way to choose whether a post would have the authors name and date/time stamp below it or not when it is published.

I can take out the print call in “node.tpl.php” to make it so none of the nodes have the author and date, but I was hoping there would be a way to choose this option during authoring the node.

Ideally, I could set it so some users, anonymous lets say, have to have their names and time show up, but others, like admins, could take it away.

Any ideas? 

Solution No. 01
Make a copy of node.tpl.php and rename it node-page.tpl.php or something else and the remove the print call from the file. that's it.

You give permissions of story module to users so that their post consists of author and time stamp.

You use page module for the posting so u won't be having the author and time stamp.

Note:This trickc applies to every node, i mean node-story, node-forum, node-weblink, node-image, noe-blog etc.

Solution no 02
I think it's not possible like i explained above. if want to remove it for every node it can be possible and simple.

If u can delete the line starting form 134 – 153 ( span class=”nodedate – output = span) from interlaced.theme file that's it.

U won't get the submitted and date on every node. If you can convert the theme to php tempalte based theme is another way. I don't about the other possiblities.

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