How to Increase the Speed of Cable

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There is no limit to the need for speed when it comes to Internet access. In truth, as the average speed of an Internet connection goes up, people develop new ways to do things that take advantage of all the increased speed and even more. While your cable connection is limited by the speed the cable company supports, there are things you can do to get the most out of what’s available to you.


* 1 Check all the connections. Make sure the cable connections from the wall and to the back of the cable modem are tight. If the cable has frayed edges or exposed wires, replace it. Also make sure that connections from the cable modem to the computer or other devices are solidly in place.

* 2 Turn off programs you aren’t using at the moment. Every running program uses up some of the computer’s memory and processing power. Turning them off frees resources for the program using the cable connection.

* 3 Disable programs you don’t use, but that start automatically. Click “Start.” In the Start menu, click “All Programs,” then look for a folder named “Startup.” Right-click that folder, then click “Open” in the menu that appears. Delete any program that appears in the Startup folder but you don’t use.

* 4 Give your web browser more space to store pages so they can be viewed faster the next time you visit that site. In Mozilla Firefox, click “Tools,” then “Options” to open the Options dialog box. Click “Advanced,” then the “Network” tab. In the Offline Storage section of the page, increase the cache space, then click “OK.”

* 5 Contact your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to request a higher speed connection. Many providers offer a faster connection at a higher price.

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