How Is Broadband Internet Service Connected to My PC?

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Broadband Internet service delivers a consistent amount of network bandwidth at speeds significantly higher than old-style dial-up access. Broadband service is connected to a PC by an Ethernet cable or through a wireless device.

Broadband Sources
Broadband Internet services reach the consumer in several different ways. Cable modems, using a special device that reads a signal sent by a cable company, tends to be fast and consistent, but prices vary depending on the customer’s subscription package. Digital subscriber lines use a high-frequency section of a normal phone line; DSL is fast and efficient but is less available in rural areas. Wireless broadband is delivered by a device that connects to the local cellular network–pricing and availability varies by community.

Cable and DSL connections require a modem. This device connects to a coaxial cable or phone cord and actually sends and receives network traffic. Some service providers will lease or sell a modem to the consumer. Wireless broadband is typically provided through a small transceiver that plugs into an open USB port on the computer.

A modem typically uses an Ethernet cable to run from the modem to a networking port on the PC. To use several computers with one active Internet connection, add a router–these devices split a network connection several ways, and many routers have a wireless option to permit Wi-fi (short-range wireless) connections as well. The modem plugs into the router, and the PC and any additional machines plug into the router.

Except for USB transceivers, which have no wires, a home PC will be connected to a router or modem by an Ethernet cable. This cable, which looks like a phone cord with a slightly wider end, plugs into the Ethernet port on the PC, and into the “PC” port of the line-out ports on the modem or router.

Some routers or modems require the user to run an installation CD or DVD to complete the set-up process. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions carefully. Some services, like DSL, require a straightforward but somewhat involved set-up process that links the DSL modem to your account with the phone company; failing to follow this process will make the connection unusable.

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